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“There can’t be a more thoughtful leadership coach or advisor on the planet than Hal Movius. He brings decades of experience providing practical guidance to global leaders facing knotty and complex business problems, as well as a nearly encyclopedic knowledge of compelling, immediately relevant findings from the fields of psychology, negotiations, and business. These are brought forward at critical moments to suggest concrete lessons, and help chart a wise path forward. Add that to his extraordinary communication skills – a special talent for breaking down complicated stuff and distilling it into crisp and sage advice – and you have yourself not just a coach, but a remarkable partner and business counselor.”

David Finn, Executive Director, CleanApps.Org

I’ve worked with Hal Movius for the past four years, and across jobs. His expertise and approach make him an invaluable addition to any negotiations program. Colleagues and clients have raved about his work and eagerly signed on for additional support. I couldn’t recommend a better negotiations consultant.

Morgan Savage, Vertex

Ellen Wingard’s deep and broad experience in the field of coaching executives— she practically invented it after all — is unique and gives her an unparalleled ability to understand the nuance in communications, both spoken and unspoken. She has ability to transform, even in the face of an executive’s self-doubt. Beyond all, she is authentic and encourages the same in her clients— a quality that as rare and, in my view, essential to transition and transformation.

Karen E. Watson, former Nielsen executive

A leader herself, Kate Bennis understands first-hand the daily challenges that leaders face. As a coach and facilitator for senior executives at Fortune 500 companies, she has brought the intellectual curiosity of a scientist, the empathy of a therapist, and the broad vision of an artist. Anyone who works with her will benefit from her extraordinary wisdom, authenticity and creativity. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Kathy Lubar, Co-founder The Ariel Group Author, Leadership Presence

Built to Win is a must read 
for everyone 
in the C-Suite challenged by complex negotiations with clients, suppliers, and employees.
Even the most skilled negotiators cannot win without an organization that is aligned around the principles taught in this very timely work.

Steve Goldstein, CFO WorldWide Executive Ogilvy & Mather Worldwide New York

Jim Coan is many things, all wrapped up into one fabulously nice guy! He is a brilliant and accomplished researcher, a compassionate and skilled clinician, a masterful storyteller, and an inspiring educator. At every conference where I’ve had the honor to be on the faculty with Jim, I’ve been deeply impressed by his capacity to make complex information accessible, fascinating and useful. Audiences love his sense of humor, humanity, and humility. He is a gem of a teacher from whom I always learn something new and come away feeling eager to learn more.

Daniel J. Siegel, M.D., Clinical Professor, UCLA School of Medicine – Executive Director, Mindisght Institute

Jake Slichter is to professional life what Vince Lombardi was to football: a coach who turns coaching into an art form. A magnificent listener with a clairvoyant sense of both the situation and the future, Jake clarifies and illuminates the path you walk and helps you solve the Rubik’s cubes of daily professional puzzles along the way. His insight is stunningly powerful and grounded in a deep sense of ethics and spiritual commitment. He is outrageously funny, which means he restores the humanity of all your dilemmas, and he is always, always, always on your side.

Jamin Raskin, United States House of Representatives

Hal Movius is a first-class teacher who motivates, challenges and captivates audiences.

Javier Calderón, Managing Director, CMI International Group, LLC

Jake is an amazing coach and an insightful, observant teacher. He takes the time and energy to understand where you are, and where you’re trying to go. He’s patient, honest, and a fantastic cheerleader, all at the same time.

Emily Scott

Jim Coan has been a speaker in the Negotiation and Persuasion Workshops we organize at Harvard for business executives from Latin American countries. Speaking on nonverbal behavior, physiology and brain function (in the context of interpersonal conflict resolution), he received one of the best evaluations for the entire program. I would strongly recommend his lively and profound presentations on the science of reading emotions.

Eduardo Moane, Executive Director Cambridge International Consulting Perú

Hal Movius has been one of our organization’s most valued training and development partners for the past nine years. He has helped our organization define and interpret the concepts of influence, negotiation and orchestration, and instilled best practices for developing these skills in our leaders.

Laura Bennett, Senior Talent Management Director

I backed up a dump truck of expertise, statistics, metaphors and experience — and rather than cherry-picking vignettes, Kate Bennis methodically, compassionately, and decisively dove into the pile and helped me find my voice, my passion, and the talk I needed to give. After more than 20 years of standing on stages in front of audiences and delivering talks, Kate helped me greet and connect with 1200 people individually in a whole new way. For me, Kate was a magical mix of audience, director, coach, and guide. My work with her has been inspiring and transformative.

Dawn Averitt, The Well Project

Jake Slichter is one of the most generous, patient, hardworking, insightful teachers I’ve come across. People who have the great fortune to come under his tutelage tend to learn quickly and joyfully, responding well to his profound investment in their learning.

Rachel Pollak Kroh, Community Coordinator, St. Lydias

A gifted scientist whose hand-holding experiment is already a classic in the field of neurobiological research, Jim Coan is also a wonderful teacher and speaker. He effortlessly translates complex subjects and findings into everyday examples. Rarely I have seen a large audience listen so intently for an entire talk.

Dr. L.AJ. Berry Aarnoudse, EFT Centrum

We need to understand negotiation in a wide range of contexts. Tom’s coaching approach was thoughtful and thought provoking, and often the insights were quite unexpected. He certainly helped me think about and tackle these issues more effectively. 

Mat Hughes, Managing Director, AlixPartners