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Building Resolve to Engage with Political Adversaries | Hal Movius

Much will be written about the 2016 Presidential election. Its outcome signaled a realignment in political coalitions but also reflected an increasingly balkanized information environment, with people reading and watching sources that reinforced their beliefs and emotions. For some people in America – at least half, if the polls are right [...]

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Three Common Misconceptions About Negotiation Terms and Practices | Hal Movius & Joanna Chango

Being scholar-practitioners requires paying close attention to discrepancies. As we read the negotiation literature, work with clients, and read postings by fellow negotiation consultants and trainers, we’ve repeatedly come across major and persistent misconceptions about negotiation concepts and tactics.  Here we’ll address three of them. Misconception #1: A Best Alternative [...]

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Why Learn to Code Behavior? Part 3 | Joanna Chango & Jim Coan

**This is the third and final post in a three-part blog: Part One, Part Two In this three part blog, we have been reviewing benefits to leaders, teams, and negotiators of learning to code emotional behavior using a standardized coding system. We’ve discussed reliability (benefit 1), meaning that communication about [...]

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