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Four Key Questions to Ask Negotiation Training Companies | Hal Movius

Effective negotiation training can yield powerful results: deals where none were thought possible; improvements in financial and legal outcomes; more efficient and productive preparation and collaboration; the preservation of key relationships and trust; and the ability to innovate more rapidly in response to real-time learning from stakeholders.   On the other [...]

Stakeholder Capitalism: Converting Declarations into Deeds | Hal Movius

Last month the chief executives of 181 global corporations declared, in a statement through the Business Roundtable, a commitment to stakeholder capitalism – a belief that a corporation or business must exist not only to create value for shareholders, but also for stakeholders, including customers, suppliers, employees, and the communities [...]

Hal Movius quoted by Harvard Program on Negotiation

As the world becomes more digital, educators are increasingly using video to teach complex behaviors and ideas in the classroom.  The Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School invited Hal Movius to discuss this topic, citing him as "a pioneer in developing corporate video-based negotiation scenarios [who] has created a [...]

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The Power of Active-Constructive Responding | Hal Movius

Psychologist John Gottman has been researching relationships for more than four decades, and in recent years the popular media have taken notice of his findings. Accounts of his work have often emphasized the four “horsemen” in communication patterns that signal trouble for marriages: criticism, defensiveness, stonewalling, and contempt. But we [...]

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