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Our Training Solutions Include:

World-class digital learning resources.

We have a substantial library of existing materials and excel at creating new materials to focus on new contexts or problems.

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Negotiation Capability Workshops

Our Negotiation Capability Workshops focus on specific client challenges and contexts using realistic and impactful exercises.

We provide world-class, tailored training workshops to some of the world’s most successful teams and organizations. Drawing on insights from the Mutual Gains Approach to negotiation, and from our acclaimed books (Built to Win, Dealmaking, Resolve) we teach a core set of concepts and key moves you can put to use immediately, and tailor additional content to meet key needs. Specific topics and challenges we regularly address:

  • Key moves to claim value – and avoid common mistakes
  • Seven strategies for creating value
  • Dealing with difficult tactics and counterparts
  • Managing multiparty negotiations and coalitions
  • Organizing cross-functional preparation
  • Identifying clear success criteria and governance rules
  • Developing effective influence strategies
  • Shaping and navigating tenders and negotiations

Hybrid Workshops

Our Hybrid Workshops focus on helping clients to learn the key concepts and moves that undergird effective negotiation planning and execution.

We combine tailored negotiation training (for 1-2 days) with application a specific upcoming negotiation. We do this by helping teams to apply robust analytical tools to think more effectively about the negotiation, and a proprietary, structured method for running ‘mock negotiations’ in ways that help individuals and teams to behave and communicate more effectively.

Poise Under Pressure™ Workshop

Our Poise Under Pressure™ Workshop can help leaders to take their negotiation and communication skills to the next level.

Available only from Movius Consulting, and led by Dr. Jim Coan and Dr. Hal Movius, this workshop shares groundbreaking insights and techniques on how to avoid “conversational traps” that can hinder or hijack negotiations. You will discover your unique emotional tendencies by completing Movius Emotion Profiler™ and learn how to use the Emotional RADAR™ coding system to recognize emotional behaviors that help, hinder, and hijack negotiations and challenging conversations – and how to respond to them.

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