To The Finish Line

Negotiation Advisory | Healthcare Sector | Sales Negotiations


In a novel regulatory situation where the terms of agreement could set a precedent for other decisions, negotiations between a company and a government agency had stalled.


The company, operating in a major EU market, faced an uphill battle for rapid approval of a innovative product. In this high stakes environment, the local negotiating team needed to ensure close alignment with regional and global colleagues around a wise strategy.


We provided regular coaching to the company’s lead negotiator and occasional coaching to key global team members. We advised on the negotiation strategy from start to finish.


When the lead negotiator walked into a global meeting after having negotiated to a successful outcome, his colleagues room burst into applause. Internal approvals had been reached more efficiently with less conflict. An innovative agreement had been achieved, in a way that enhanced the company’s local reputation. The negotiator’s feedback to Movius?  “I couldn’t have done this without you.”