One Million? The Tip of the Iceberg

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A Fortune 500 marketing and media network sought to promote best practices in negotiation across its operating companies


Confronted with increasingly difficult tactics in its client contract negotiations, the company wanted to know: How can operating companies maintain constructive negotiations with clients, without getting steamrolled?


Through a negotiations audit, we helped leadership identify the commercial and organizational opportunities and challenges that needed to be addressed by training and other interventions. We then trained 400+ senior leaders across four continents and 100 operating companies, and coached selected leaders as they assisted key teams. Finally, this we helped learning leaders to develop customized materials (videos, cases, slides) that became part of a major company initiative focused on improving client negotiations.


Following up with a small sample of trainees, we identified nearly $1M in added benefits attributable to using new tools and techniques in key client negotiations. The overall benefit of the program is thought to be far greater.