Leadership Coaching
Our coaches listen carefully, serve as thought partners, and encourage participants through new challenges.

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Leaders today face a world of change and uncertainty in which talent, drive and technical expertise are no longer enough.

Stress and distrust are rising; loyalty and engagement of employees is falling. Leading successfully today requires emotional acumen, superb communication and influence skills, effective decision processes, and enhanced negotiation capabilities. We coach both senior executives and emerging leaders, and believe in building inclusive teams and organizations that foster creativity and candor.  

Our Leadership Coaching Services include:

Senior Executive Coaching

Achieve greater clarity, reach better decisions, manage conflict effectively, and have the right conversations.

Our work with Senior Executives has most often focused on:

  • Setting vision and priorities given limited time and resources
  • Managing conflict within and across teams
  • Building effective coalitions during times of transition
  • Communicating strategically with diverse stakeholders
  • Inspiring others through high-impact presentations
  • Repairing trust with key stakeholders
  • Making wise decisions about personnel and resource allocation
  • Coaching and mentoring others in the organization.

Emerging Leader Coaching

Supportive, focused guidance to help you navigate new roles and responsibilities.

Our work with Emerging Leaders has most often focused on:

  • Cultivating foundational habits to maintain a healthy mind and body
  • Seeking and harnessing feedback from others to learn and adapt in real time
  • Summoning confidence and resolve in negotiations and at other critical moments
  • Communicating for impact, in a new role or for a critical audience
  • Influencing others, with and without authority
  • Detecting subtle signals that reveal what others are really feeling and saying
  • Finding a leadership voice and style
  • Making better decisions in complex environments.

Individual Assessment

Proprietary tools, qualitative 360 interviews, and validated external inventories to help assess both strengths and opportunities.

The higher you go in an organization, the more complicated the problems become, and the less you can count on honest feedback from others. Leadership coaching benefits from sound assessment at the outset and along the way. You won’t find us using the same old instruments, particularly ones that assign people colors or put them in boxes. We use proprietary tools and processes to assess current perceptions, behaviors, and tendencies.

  • Our 360 interviewing helps assess how others see the leader in comparison to how the leader’s self-assessment. It can provide a shortcut to targeted opportunities for generating immediate and positive feedback from others around key behaviors.
  • To assess personality, we subscribe to the Five Factor model – the most reliable, comprehensive, widely validated, and highly researched model for measuring individual differences in the world today.  
  • To assess Emotional Acumen™, we use the Eyes Test, our Emotion Q-Sort, and other tools that measure emotional tendencies, coping styles and patterns of emotional communication and conflict.
  • Our proprietary Trust Inventory helps leaders, teams and organizations to assess awareness of four major kinds of trust: congruence, concern, capability, and consistency. Each of these elements in turn have discrete facets that result in a profile across twelve facets of trust, providing specific feedback and suggestions to enhance personal and organizational effectiveness.
  • For individuals and teams seeking to assess behavioral tendencies in under 20 minutes, our Negotiation Q-sort can help. Q-sort assessments circumvent many measurement biases, and can quickly spark personal, group or organizational reflection and planning.

Communication and Speaker Coaching

Inspire others with greater clarity and presence.

Communication lies at the heart of effective leadership, negotiations, and problem solving. Speaking more effectively can be a turning point in a leader’s performance and career. Whether you have single upcoming presentation that has to be brilliant and inspiring, a new role that requires greater presence, or a difficult conversation or negotiation ahead, we can help. We start from each individual’s unique strengths and provide exercises and feedback that markedly improve performance, without trying to make you into someone you’re not. Whether for a small meeting or for a large stage, we’ll connect you to your voice and confidence so that you make a memorable impression.

I backed up a dump truck of expertise, statistics, metaphors and experience — and rather than cherry-picking vignettes, Kate Bennis methodically, compassionately, and decisively dove into the pile and helped me find my voice, my passion, and the talk I needed to give. After more than 20 years of standing on stages in front of audiences and delivering talks, Kate helped me greet and connect with 1200 people individually in a whole new way. For me, Kate was a magical mix of audience, director, coach, and guide. My work with her has been inspiring and transformative.

– Dawn Averitt, The Well Project