Joanna Chango Joins Movius Consulting

//Joanna Chango Joins Movius Consulting

Joanna Chango Joins Movius Consulting

Movius Consulting is pleased to announce that Dr. Joanna Chango has joined their multi-disciplinary team as senior associate in their Charlottesville, VA office. “We’re thrilled to add Joanna to our team,” commented Hal Movius, who leads the firm. “Joanna brings stellar teaching and coaching skills to our practice as well as an impressive research and publication record.” A winner of the prestigious NARSAD Young Investigator Grant, Dr. Chango is developing a behavioral assessment system that will help negotiators and leaders to detect and manage emotions more effectively in their key conversations.

“Research suggests that even high-performers may not be that good at picking up on really important but subtle signals in others,” commented Chango. “We know a lot already about ways to help people quickly discern emotions in others and how to avoid responding unproductively to unpleasant or irritating emotional tactics. Huge amounts of time are wasted when people are drawn into common but ineffective patterns of communication. I’m excited by the chance to share what we’ve learned through several decades of careful research, and to create practical tools that leaders, teams, and negotiators can use to be more effective and efficient.”

After receiving her Ph.D. in 2013 in clinical psychology from the University of Virginia, Chango completed a postdoctoral research fellowship at Harvard Medical School/McLean Hospital. She has trained extensively with Jim Coan on the Specific Affect Coding System, which was profiled in the book Blink and other popular media outlets as the observational tool that has helped researchers predict with 94% accuracy which newlywed couples would go on to divorce.

Movius Consulting offers training, coaching, and consulting services to help leaders and teams communicate and negotiate more effectively. Its network of experts includes thought leaders from diverse fields, including negotiation, neuroscience, social psychology, economics, leadership, political science, business, theater, and urban planning. Its practitioners have worked in more than 30 countries and authored more than a dozen books.

Contact Joanna at and read more about her background here.

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