Do We Tender Well?

Negotiation Advisory | Healthcare Sector | Negotiauctions


A highly successful commercial product team within a large life sciences company sought to better manage negotiations and tenders across diverse markets.


Global and regional leaders too often received time sensitive approval requests from local teams, but with insufficient choice analysis. Local markets often felt their global colleagues had become too rigid and disconnected from local constraints. Both groups saw negotiations and tenders as discrete problems.


Bringing world-class negotiation and negotiauction experts to the engagement, we created a custom curriculum with negotiation and tender simulations that reflected the team’s challenges. We delivered training and coaching first to global leadership and then regionally, helping both to draw on key concepts from negotiation analysis to connect and align their strategic planning for negotiations and tenders.


The executive sponsor called this program “fantastic… well worth the investment in time and money” and the program was cascaded to regional and market leaders who now operate more proactively and from a unifying framework.