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We’ve worked with some of the world’s most successful companies to create training modules, simulations, handbooks, teaching videos, and process tools. You’ll find our names on simulations in Harvard’s Program on Negotiation (PON) Clearinghouse, as recognized by PON, we have special expertise in writing, directing, casting, and editing high-quality videos.

Our Solutions include:

The Think Like A Negotiator™ video series.

An engaging, sophisticated introduction to negotiation, our multi-episode 80-minute course uses clear, stimulating lectures, rich examples, and ten animated “explainer” videos to engage learners.  We license this high-quality solution on a per-seat basis, and can also customize it with intro and outro videos and branding, allowing you to host it on your learning platform.

Customized Teaching Films

Customized Teaching Films are a powerful resource for in-house trainers. We partner with a world-class filmmakers, writers and actors, and can help you to create a film or film series that will make your training programs more memorable.  Our clients have commissioned us to create films (ranging in length from 2-25 minutes) that show realistic scenes and stories, for use in negotiation and leadership training programs. These films provoke high-spirited discussion and debate, and bring interpersonal communication challenges to life. 

Customized Negotiation Simulations 

Customized Negotiation Simulations for two or more parties. Based on careful interviews, we create scorable, interactive games that capture a group’s current negotiation and influence challenges. Each simulation includes guide that explains how to run and debrief the exercise. We also license existing simulations to clients, and can build one more that focus on your team’s context and challenges. 

Customized Presentation Modules

Customized Presentation Modules for in-house trainers. These can be used as a series or as stand-alone modules to convey key ideas on creating and claiming value in competitive environments; negotiating on behalf of others, managing multiparty negotiations; negotiauctions; managing mock negotiations; and other custom topics.

Negotiation and Influence Resource Guides

Negotiation and Influence Resource Guides provide an overview of key concepts, to help negotiators and leaders align around language and insights that are grounded in scientific evidence.


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