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Insightful assessments. World-class training. Customized learning materials and process improvement solutions.

In Built to Win, we pioneered the idea that negotiation is an organizational capability. So we are confident to claim we know more about building it than any other consultancy.

We’ll help you assess how you’re doing, and chart a path for improvement. Our onsite training workshops are delivered by leaders in their fields. We will you develop tailored in-house learning solutions. And critically, we’ll put in place systems, tools and processes that allow new learning to take root.

Our Consulting & Training Solutions include:


Our comprehensive Negotiations Audit assesses current beliefs and performance; provides recommendations for how training can be designed to most effectively address them; and identifies interventions – beyond training – that will promote negotiation effectiveness and efficiency. Described in the book Built to Win, the audit process brings to the surface what your people are really thinking and doing in their negotiations (not just what they tell you).

Our Negotiation Performance Review has helped some of the world’s leading companies to see how things can be done better or differently. We look carefully at a set of negotiations, reviewing contracts and other key documents, and confidentially interviewing negotiators and decision makers. The resulting report provides clear, actionable recommendations for improving business processes, governance structures, success measures, and incentives.

Onsite Workshops

Grounded in interdisciplinary research, our customized onsite workshops are tailored to address specific negotiation challenges faced by our clients. We draw on a large library of simulations, teaching films, and learning modules, but excel at adapting these to new challenges and contexts.

Our Negotiation and Influence workshops focus on specific client challenges using realistic and impactful exercises. We draw on key concepts from  the Mutual Gains Approach to Negotiation and from our books: Built to Win (2009 Harvard Business Press), Dealmaking (2011, Norton), and Resolve (2017, LifeTree Media). We have worked with teams from sales, procurement, technology, marketing, manufacturing, and many other functions. While we teach a core set of concepts and behaviors, we have also often focused on specific topics and challenges, including difficult tactics; internal negotiations; multiparty negotiations; coalition and influence strategies; negotiauctions; and coaching negotiators

Our Emotional Acumen™ workshops move beyond the typical frameworks offered in emotional intelligence courses. We provide practical advice and exercises that help you steer challenging conversations toward more productive outcomes. Drawing from the acclaimed book Resolve and from research by Jim Coan and John Gottman (featured in Malcolm Gladwell’s book Blink) our workshops use proprietary exercises to help you recognize your own emotional triggers; detect subtle signs of emotion in others; and respond to difficult communication tactics in ways that break through unhelpful patterns.

Custom Leadership Workshops draw from our work on decision making, confidence-building, negotiation, influence, communication and emotional acumen into one coherent program. We tailor our leadership programs to meet the unique needs of each client, drawing on a library of effective exercises and on our effective, evidence-based advice frameworks and advice.

Feedback our programs have received:

“Truly outstanding”      “Great workshop, critical to development”      “Great presence”    “Interesting, engaging and well-informed”

“I just wanted to thank you for such a great workshop this week. I can see why everyone has loved this workshop so much.  I wish all our facilitators could be as effective….”

Learning Solutions

One of our most important goals with clients is to equip them over time to be less dependent on external training. We bring proven, evidence-based learning solutions to leaders and teams who want to create in-house training programs and branded tools. We help our clients to articulate and diagnose current organizational challenges, then create tailored materials and exercises that match the challenges and context that their people face, using language that is congruent with both culture and current operating environments.

Successful learning solutions for clients in recent years include:

Learning modules for face-to-face workshops: on influence, emotional acumen, leadership, core concepts in bargaining, creating value in competitive environments, multiparty negotiations, negotiauctions, negotiating on behalf of others, preparation coaching, and managing mock negotiations.

Simulations for two or more parties, that are both scorable and realistic. Based on careful interviews, we can create challenging, interactive games that capture a group’s current negotiation and influence challenges. It includes a teaching note that explains how to run and debrief the exercise, including the takeaways. We can also license existing simulations to clients.

Teaching films that take audiences through specific business challenges (e.g., negotiations, meetings, difficult conversations) in ways that engage high-spirited  discussions and debate. As featured by Harvard’s Program on Negotiation, we have special expertise in writing, directing, casting, and editing high-quality videos. Our clients have often used the films in many learning workshops to address diverse issues around interpersonal effectiveness.

Train the Trainer Programs to train and support your trainers, so that they become trusted resources in the classroom and beyond. We do this through in-person training sessions, webinars, conference calls, and individual coaching sessions before and after major workshops.

E-learning modules and custom webinars that can be hosted on in-house learning management systems.

Handbooks and resource guides on negotiation concepts and negotiation coaching.

Process Improvement

A single workshop, no matter how impactful, is often insufficient to produce lasting changes in behavior. We take a holistic view, supplementing training with recommended process improvements, tools and resources that help leaders and teams to overcome organizational barriers to effectiveness.

Successful process improvement solutions we have delivered for clients in recent years include:

Strategic frameworks to help clients envision how different functions or business processes can fit together more effectively to support best practice and optimize chances for success;

Preparation tools to help organize thinking and strategy in advance of critical negotiations and influence challenges, including checklists to help eliminate blind spots and errors;

Business process models to integrate new best practices and language within existing frameworks, governance processes, language and culture;

Recommendations on incentive structures to encourage the application of new processes and practices.