Building Network Expertise

Consulting & Training | Healthcare Sector | Market Access Negotiations


A major healthcare company sought to equip a cadre of ‘negotiation champions’ to support local negotiating teams across diverse markets.


Regional and global leaders recognized that their organization was too reliant on costly external, ad hoc negotiation training. It sought to build in-house coaching and training expertise around a consistent and effective framework.


We created and trained a network of 25 members from across regional markets. The network met regularly throughout the year, at workshops facilitated by Movius. We supported them as they provided a new set of just-in-time solutions to help local teams to prepare more effectively for key negotiations and tenders.


Within a year these negotiation “champions” had trained or assisted 450 colleagues in 50+ countries, becoming sought after within the company to provide timely help and advice. We continue to provide ongoing coaching and training to this team, helping its members to become high-performing coaches and workshop facilitators, and helping the company to gain a competitive advantage over time.