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“Rude” Behaviors in the Workplace | Joanna Chango

A New York Times article this week described reportedly common rude behaviors in the workplace. More and more people are recognizing that how we behave toward one another in key conversations and meetings can impact performance, efficiency, job satisfaction, and health. Yet previous research done by Jim Coan, John Gottman and others suggests that some [...]

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Why Learn to Code Behavior? Part 3 | Joanna Chango & Jim Coan

**This is the third and final post in a three-part blog: Part One, Part Two In this three part blog, we have been reviewing benefits to leaders, teams, and negotiators of learning to code emotional behavior using a standardized coding system. We’ve discussed reliability (benefit 1), meaning that communication about observed emotional behaviors becomes consistent, [...]

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Why Learn to Code Behavior? Part 1 | Joanna Chango & Jim Coan

**This is the first post in a three-part blog: Part Two, Part Three Consider a workplace scenario. You have a coworker, Robert, who raises his voice and bangs his hand on the table every time he is upset about something during a team meeting. His behavior consistently causes you to startle and feel uncomfortable. How [...]

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Spotlight on Research at Movius: Behavioral Coding | Joanna Chango

Around the water cooler one morning, you hear three friends commiserating about what happened the night before.  Steve’s wife yelled at him, telling him to stop speaking to her like a child. Rick joked about rolling his eyes at his wife’s comments about their vacation. Josh complained loudly that his wife didn’t do the dishes, [...]

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