Want to know how and where to invest to create the highest possible return on your negotiation or leadership training program?

Our Solutions Include:

Confidential Negotiations Audit

Our Confidential Negotiations Audit reveals what your people are really thinking and doing in their negotiations – and how to help them improve.

Negotiation is a core capability and sustainable competitive advantage for many organizations and teams. But off-the-shelf training is unlikely to help leaders and organizations to change in meaningful ways. Before investing wisely in workshops and tools, leaders need to know what kind of training and tools will be most effective, and for whom. Our confidential, structured conversations uncover gaps, opportunities, and barriers to best practice. The deliverable is a report helps leaders to understand:

  • Current beliefs behaviors that are driving current negotiation strategies and tactics
  • Key opportunities for improvement at the individual, team and organizational levels
  • How training workshops and other learning solutions should be optimally structured, to focus on seizing these opportunities
  • What organizational improvements should be made, alongside training, to enable improved performance and results
  • Optimal ways to proceed efficiently, given resources and constraints.

Confidential Leadership 360

Our Confidential Leadership 360 helps to pinpoint a leader’s strengths and opportunities for development.

Even the best leaders have blind spots.  Leaders need to understand how to capitalize on their strengths while actively seeking feedback on how they can improve their own performance and the performance of others. Our careful 36-interview process elicits and organizes high-quality feedback from key stakeholders, and provides a roadmap for self-development or coaching that may follow.

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