////Are We Leaving Money On The Table?

Are We Leaving Money On The Table?

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The Mergers & Acquisitions team of a FTSE 100 company wanted to assess their recent negotiation performance and identify any opportunities for improvement.


The team was responsible for negotiating complex acquisition and divestiture deals, valued at over $40bn in recent years. Success was critical to execute the corporation’s restructure strategy. Its leaders wanted to know: how well are we really performing? Have we left money on the table? Where can we improve?


Drawing on insights from negotiation and auction theory, we conducted a Negotiation Performance Review. We provided the team with 15 concise, actionable recommendations for analyzing, executing, supporting, and debriefing major transactions.


The group’s leaders shared our insights with their C-suite sponsors, created five working groups to implement selected recommendations for enhancing capabilities and decision processes.

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