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Jim Coan

Dr. Jim Coan is Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology and Director of the Virginia Affective Neuroscience Laboratory at the University of Virginia. His recent work emphasizes the neural systems underlying emotion, emotion regulation and human interactions.

He is co-editor of the Handbook of Emotion Elicitation and Assessment and has authored more than forty scientific articles.  His work and comments have been featured in the New York Times, Washington Post, Time Magazine, BBC NewsDiscovery Channel, and other major media outlets.  His groundbreaking research with John Gottman on predicting divorce based on micro-analytical behavioral coding was featured in Malcolm Gladwell’s best-seller, Blink.

Dr. Coan received the inaugural Janet Taylor Spence Award for Transformative Early Career Contributions from the Association for Psychological Science, and the Early Career Award from the Society for Psychophysiological Research.  He has also pioneered new methods for investigating social interactions and for imaging multiple brains at the same time.  An entertaining speaker, he brings cutting edge insights to business and research audiences around the world.

Jim Coan is many things, all wrapped up into one fabulously nice guy! He is a brilliant and accomplished researcher, a compassionate and skilled clinician, a masterful storyteller, and an inspiring educator. At every conference where I’ve had the honor to be on the faculty with Jim, I’ve been deeply impressed by his capacity to make complex information accessible, fascinating and useful. Audiences love his sense of humor, humanity, and humility. He is a gem of a teacher from whom I always learn something new and come away feeling eager to learn more.

Daniel J. Siegel, M.D., Clinical Professor, UCLA School of Medicine – Executive Director, Mindisght Institute

Jim Coan has been a speaker in the Negotiation and Persuasion Workshops we organize at Harvard for business executives from Latin American countries. Speaking on nonverbal behavior, physiology and brain function (in the context of interpersonal conflict resolution), he received one of the best evaluations for the entire program. I would strongly recommend his lively and profound presentations on the science of reading emotions.

Eduardo Moane, Executive Director Cambridge International Consulting Perú